Senegalese Association of Minnesota (SAM)

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President's Welcome

 The challenges continue to be the motivation of people and seeking to make our members aware that this organization is essential to our community and that we need the support of our fellow members in order for this to propel forward.

 I believe that we have a great executive team who is dedicated to this organization. We want to know who you are and get to know you a little more. Let us know what’s going on with you, new jobs, graduations, weddings, baptisms, talents… are you new to Minnesota, what’s going well for you here and what are your obstacles. Let us celebrate together and support each other in times of needs. Be active in the organization, attend functions, and give us suggestions and feedback.

Our Senegalese community is expanding, and we must become stronger. Our children are growing, and maturing in a society outside of their culture. They need to see and live their culture, so let us serve as role models to them by showing them how to be part of a community. I want to thank the past and current Executive Committee for all the hard work that they have and continue to put into this association. I would also like to thank our members who contribute and participate for their support.

On the same token, I would like to encourage those who have not participated yet to get involved, so that we may all enjoy this association and benefit from its greater purpose.

I look forward to a prosperous year with the new executive committee and welcome each and every community member to integrate themselves with SAM so that we may become a better, livelier community.

Thank you.                                                                        The President