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The challenges continue to be the motivation of people and seeking to make our members aware that this organization is essential to our community and that we need the support of our fellow members in order for this to propel forward.
I believe that we have a great executive team who is dedicated to this organization. We want to know who you are an get to know you a little more. Let us know what is going on with you, new jobs, graduations, weddings, baptisms, talents; are you new to Minnesota, what’s going well for you here and what are your obstacles. Let us celebrate together and support each other in times of needs. Be active in the organization, attend functions, and give us suggestions and feedback. read more +

Be active in the organization, attend functions, and give us suggestions and feedback

President, Khady Aidara

SAM News

  • March 04, 2017 06:00PM Alliance Francaise
  • March 16, 17 2017 Depot des carte d'didentite CDEAO.
Hello you all,

Minnesota's ID Registration is scheduled for the IDs on March 16th and17 the 2017. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  • Monument de la renaissance
  • Parc des Oiseaux de Djouj
  • La Lutte Senegalaise
  • Car Rapide
  • Saint Louis du Senegal
  • Slave house
  • Sudivision terriroriale du Seneg
  • Dakar View

Our Goal

  • leadership and organizational capacity of the community
  • Advance public policies to increase opportunities and support for immigrant integration
  • Ensure that Senegalese immigrants have an active role in multiple civic arenas
  • Promote community development and access to social services
  • Serve as a viable model of unity and action

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The Leadership Development Program offers a series of workshops and ongoing technical support aimed at enhancing community leaders’ skills and capacities to become effective advocates in their communities

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SAM holds citizenship workshops, and promotes opportunities for civic engagement.

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SAM serves as the information and resource clearinghouse of the Senegalese community to enhance access to social services and programs for immigrants .

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